Youth Firearms Safety Training

Youth Firearms Safety Training – Long Range Shooting

Guns exist.  Like it or not, they exist.

Here in Wyoming, most households have numerous guns, many of which are unlocked or otherwise accessible to youth.  The J.H. Gun Club is not interested in making political statements.  We ARE interested in helping you prepare your child for a safe life.

Chainsaws, guns and bicycles are tools that many people use.  Every year a tiny percentage of users are injured.  We don’t know much about chainsaws or bicycles, however we would be honored to help you reduce your children’s risk of firearms injuries!  Register for a Youth Firearms Safety Training workshop on September 7, 2019 from 530pm to 7pm!

Registration Required Individually for Each Child

We invite you to register your child aged 8 to 13 for a fun Youth Firearms Safety Training workshop.

We wish to thank Shepard Humphries and the JHXG for again volunteering to partner with us.  “Boring teaching doesn’t stick” says Shepard, a local firearms coach and family safety security consultant.  “Generally, if a person thinks they are learning rather than simply thinking they are having the ‘best time ever’ the teacher has room to grow.”  Shepard’s innovative education style focuses on fun, and in the long run the result is that learning has taken place at a deeper level.

The board of our not-for-profit Jackson Hole Gun Club is passionate about firearms safety, and we are excited to help parents lower their child’s risk of accidental injury by firearm.  “We are excited for this opportunity” said Collin Vaughn, a JHGC board member and local Realtor, “If this workshop results in one kid thinking twice and acting more responsibly in the future, I will be thrilled.”  A crew of world class #shootinjh firearms trainers will provide a 90-minute Long Range Shooting Workshop for youth aged 8 to 13 on September 7th, 2019 from 530pm to 7pm.

  • The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience will provide the coaches, guns, ammunition, hearing and eye protection.
  • The Jackson Hole Gun Club will provide the venue for an evening of fun!
  • A parent or guardian must sign liability waivers and remain present for the entire event.

Registration Required for Each Child

  • Students will learn to safely handle rifles.
  • Students will learn basic rifle shooting techniques
  • Students will shoot .22LR caliber rifles and some will even achieve hits at 500 yards with a .223 rifle!

Youth Firearms Safety Training Registration Form:

Youth Firearms Safety Training