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Rifle Target Shooting in Jackson Hole Summer 2017

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation (JHSSF) has teamed with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience to improve and maintain targets beyond 100 yards in the Rifle Bay this summer.  This is great news for sportsmen that get their kicks from Target Shooting in Jackson Hole!

  • The JHSSF will pay for targets, miscellaneous chains, tools, bolts, wind flags etc.
  • JHSE will donate the management, purchase, installation & maintenance of targets.

A color-code has been implemented, which will help in identifying and describing target distances.  A constant problem we have identified is that range users try to describe a particular target or distance to their companion, but have great difficulty.  This is a simple solution!

  • 200 yards = Red
  • 300 yards = Orange
  • 400 yards = Blue
  • 500 yards = White
  • 600 yards = Red

*The JHGC lease with the Forest Service extends to 600 yards, and that is as far as we maintain targets.

Cans of spray paint will be left within 15 yards of each target, and members are encouraged to pitch in and touch up the paint when you are up hanging paper targets!  If we all jump in and help out, our targets will look better and be more fun for everyone!

What to do in Jackson hole targets

The JHGC Board extends its gratitude to the JH Shooting Sports Foundation and to the JH Shooting Experience!  “A huge thanks is also due Andy Ward for all the targets he built for the 22 bay, what an incredible gift to the users of our club” commented Jake Hanson, Jackson Hole Gun Club Board President.  “Andy not only donated dozens of hours and his equipment for welding targets, he also donated way more time working beside Mark Roundtree over the last years getting our shotgun bay up an going.”

Shepard Humphries of the JH Shooting Experiences & Nomad Rifleman encourages shooting range members to immediately notify him if a target is in need of repair.  info @shootinjh.com Attn: Shepard

Target Shooting in Jackson Hole

Jackson, WY Rifle Range