Summer in Jackson Hole!

Summer in Jackson Hole has arrived! our awesome range is ready for you anytime, and we hope you will come and have fun practicing your skills!

Jackson Hole Gun Club USPSA

Mark Roundtree

Our first USPSA match was last Saturday the 15th of April, and a fun time was had by all, even if those times were not as tiny as some had hoped. The USPSA matches are a great example of the fun activity that shooting can be. We encourage you to check out these matches! Weather allowing, they are held every 3rd Saturday in the spring, summer & fall. Our board member Mark Roundtree organizes and officiates these events, and is welcoming of new safe interested folks!

Summer in Jackson Hole!

Cowboy Action Leader

Our Cowboy Action SASS matches are great fun and include revolvers, rifles and shotguns. Contestants and observers are encouraged to wear late-1800’s era clothing, and a fun time is had by all! Our board member Tom Jordan is heavily involved, and is happy to tell you more about these matches.

Our IDPA matches are the first and third Wednesday of each month, and are a great way to keep your personal protection skills sharp.  Our board member Mark Roundtree organizes and officiates these events, and is welcoming of new safe interested folks!   Spectators are welcome to attend for free, just bring a pair of glasses and some ear protection or use some of the eye & ear pro that is available for free thanks to the JHSSF.

Jackson Hole Shooting Range

Whatever discipline you prefer – or ALL of them; come on out and have fun this Summer in Jackson Hole with us at the shooting range, a beautiful range with a long history since the 1890s!

Jackson Hole Gun Club Est. 1896

Jackson Hole Gun Club Est. 1896

Back in 1896, there were rumors of an “Indian Uprising” so local white folks came out to this canyon and began shooting.  For many years, it was not “official” but was used by local individuals and government agencies since then.

Range user Shepard Humphries recalls visiting the range in 1989 and the small shack that had been used by law enforcement for gas training.  “When you walked in and kicked things up, you could smell the gases” Humphries said.  “Back then you would bring your own refrigerator or TV to shoot at, and then leave it when you were done.”

Things changed in about 1992 when a group of 28 shooting enthusiasts decided to make things more official by forming a charter with the Wyoming Game & Fish division of State government.  Since then, land leases have been made with the US Forest Service division of Federal government and the Teton County government.

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation and the Friends of the NRA Foundation have been instrumental in funding improvements to the range.  Private donations and the emergence of the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience have increased revenues and membership further.


Today we boast a shotgun area with 5 Stand & Trap bays, an archery bay, a special use / tactical bay, a covered pistol bay with 12 benches, a covered rifle bay with 12 benches and a covered .22-only bay.  We have a warming room with a gas heater for winter months and a Shooter’s Education Building classroom where NRA, Tactical, verbal deescalation, Hunter’s Education and many other classes are offered.