Range Rules and Safety

To ensure a fun and safe day at the Jackson Hole Gun Range, a few reminders:

Before beginning any activity, whether on the rifle, archery, pistol or shotgun bay please sign in at the range office. The clipboard is located in the target closet on the door.

Please do not fire magnum ammunition or .454 Casull at any of the steel targets in the pistol bay, or .50 caliber at the steel targets on the rifle bay. Doing so damages the targets and makes them unavailable for use.

Except for steel target at 200 yards and further, only shoot at targets that YOU put up!

      1. Always think safety.
      1. Range Officer is final authority at Range. Always obey commands of the Range Officer
      1. Always keep firearm muzzle pointed downrange.
      1. Uncase all firearms at the shooting station only.
      1. Never load firearm until at shooting station and ready to fire. All firearms must remain unloaded at all other times.
      1. To demonstrate unloaded firearm, remove magazine (if possible) and all ammunition from firearms, and leave bolt/chamber open.
      1. During live fire on range, do not move in front of firing line for any reason.
      1. Always fire with muzzle at or in front of firing line.
      1. All non-shooters must remain behind yellow safety line.
      1. Unless leaving the Range do not remove firearms from the shooting benches/area.
      1. Only handle firearms during live fire times.
      1. Do not bring firearms to the Range until Range is under live fire or Range Office has given permission.
      1. During cease fire:
            1. stop all firing
            1. keep muzzle pointed downrange
            1. remove ammunition for firearm and open chamber
            1. do not handle firearm
      1. Do not advance downrange to target until Range Officer has given permission.
      1. When finished with shooting session, please clean up all brass and other items, remove targets from frames, place frames back in target closet, and dispose of waste in authorized locations.