Pre-Hunt Rifle Training in Jackson Hole

The JH Gun Club has teamed with local extreme long range shooting instructors to provide two workshops in early September in Jackson Hole.  If you would like to learn more and improve your rifle skills for this hunting season, we invite you to register for our rifle training in Jackson Hole, date TBA  (This does NOT count as the state mandated Hunter’s Education course)

The problem:

We noticed that many hunters do not practice with their rifles year-round, and instead pull their rifle out of the closet a couple days before hunting season opens.  They bring their rifle to the range along with one or two boxes of ammunition.  Despite having hunted for 40 years, they shoot with poor form and are not aware of basic rifle shooting fundamentals.  They twist and turn dials on their scope in hopes that they can get them sighted in, only to fail.  They leave the range in a huff, buy more ammunition and return to the range to again have a frustrating experience.  We thought, “There must be a better way!”  🙂

A solution for Pre-Hunt Rifle Training in Jackson Hole

Here at the Jackson Hole Gun Club, our mission is to help firearms users safely and ethically enjoy shooting sports.  We do not want you to shoot an elk in the leg.  Rather, we want to help you develop your abilities to make an ethical shot.  We have teamed with Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries of Nomad Rifleman to offer a couple workshops.  Scott & Shepard offer similar rifle training in Jackson Hole for hunters on a private basis and have agreed to team with JHGC for a couple fun and informative group classes.

The JH Gun Club and the JH Shooting Experience are covering all costs, making these classes free for you!

2020 Dates TBA – Registration is REQUIRED and SPACE IS LIMITED.

Option #1 is full:  September 7th, 2019 with Scott Austin

  • This semi-private workshop is limited to 4 students, and is similar to THIS.
  • Scott will assist in making sure scopes are properly installed to proper torque specs, will make sure your bedding bolts are tight etc.
  • He will then lead students in sighting rifles in.
  • As time allows, Scott will lead students in honing their skills shooting from various positions and will have various monopods, bipods and tripods for students to test and evaluate.
rifle training in jackson hole

Coach Scott Austin

Class is full, registration is closed, sorry. 

(Shepard “is no Scott” but his class has openings still… see below:)

rifle training in Jackson Hole

Option #2:  September 8th, 2019 1:30pm to 3:30pm with Shepard Humphries

  • This workshop is limited to 8 students.
  • The first hour will consist of classroom training including exterior ballistics, sighting a rifle/scope in properly, field shooting positions and more.
  • The second hour will consist of students pairing with each other and sighting their rifles in.  Shepard will be available to answer questions and assist.
long range rifle training in Jackson Hole

Coach Shepard Humphries

1st Hour Workshop topics:

  • How do I adjust my scope up or down or to the left or right?
  • Why am I missing the 200 yard gong target?
  • Why is my scope so hard to see through?
  • How proficient should I be if I want to be an ethical hunter?
  • What are my gun’s and my personal limitations?
  • Why do I seem to shoot will sometimes and other times miss shots?
  • What exactly do the BDC lines in my scope reticle mean?
  • Do I need to aim differently if I am shooting at a steep mountain angle?
This presentation is free and an afternoon of free rifle bay range-use is also included for the first 8 people to register.
  • Doors open at 1:20pm. 
  • Doors close at 1:30pm sharp. 
  • Only registered students may attend! 
Ethical hunters seek new information and skill improvement.  You are welcome to attend only the classroom portion or the whole 2 hours.  If you plan to shoot, bring your scoped rifle and 40 cartridges of the same ammunition that you plan to hunt with.  Leave this in your car until you have signed in.  If you just want to listen and learn and do not plan to shoot, that is fine!  We will have loaner eye and ear protection available.

Registration request form HERE.