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Single Membership

A single membership costs $100 and includes only the person applying for membership.

Family Membership

A family membership includes anyone living in the same residence and is viewed as family. Family membership could involve husband/wife/children; co-habitating persons; room mates, etc. If a family obtains a membership it also includes family members living outside the Jackson area that may come to visit for a short time. However, a family membership does not include relatives that live in the Jackson area but not in the same residence as the member. Cost of Family membership is $150.

Corporate Membership

A corporate membership is purchased by a business entity and includes 3 individuals designated by the corporation. In addition, guest passes are included for the business to give out. Guest passes are to be used only on public days at the range when a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is present. Corporate membership $350.

Becoming a Member

Membership at the Jackson Hole Gun Club begins the day of dues payment and ends after 1 (one) full year. Anyone may join no matter where you reside, be it Jackson, Wyoming or other States/Countries. Those prohibited by law to own firearms may not be members of the Jackson Hole Gun Club.

New members are required to attend a new members orientation and safety class before receiving full membership status. Until the class is completed, new members will be able to use the range facilities at no cost during public hours only. After completing new members class, new members will receive gate code and be allowed to use range facilities with full member benefits. New members class will be held several Saturdays each month prior to range opening for public.

Full Membership allows a member to use the range facilities from 7am to 10pm, seven days per week. Members may bring guests with them to the range, however guests must pay the daily range use fee of $12.

Members will also receive discounts on special facilities use, hats, and certain events. members may access our library of shooting sports related material.

Members are expected to act as their own RSO on non-public days and present the highest standards of safety. Please make sure to read and understand all rules of the range on the membership form.