JHGC ReOpening May, 2020

The JHGC Reopened to the public on May 16, 2020.

Mask restrictions are in place, non-household members
must not be within a social distance of 10 feet unless masked and 6 feet if masked.

The JHGC Reopened to members only on May 2, 2020.

On 4-30-20, the JHGC board of directors took a vote, and the majority of the board voted on

the following Reopening Protocol:

Range Reopening Protocol

Jackson Hole Gun Club


Our goal is to reopen the Jackson Hole Gun Club to Members and non-Members as soon as allowed by Federal, County, and State Orders in a manner as safe and convenient as we can make it for users and Gun Club Staff.

We recognize this will not be business as usual for the foreseeable future because of the expected continuing risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Our reopening plan is based on the best advice we can obtain on effective infection control for those using the range and Gun Club staff.

We have reviewed CDC guidelines and other Federal, State and County Orders and consulted with Infectious Disease Medical Experts for the prevention of Covid-19 infections.


  1. If you are unwell, particularly with a fever, or are in a high-risk group, please stay home.
  2. The risk of community transmission of the virus is high every time you leave your home. This protocol is designed to mitigate but certainly not reduce to zero that risk.  Your decision to use the public spaces of the Jackson Hole Gun Club is yours alone and you are assuming all risks.    
  3. To maintain the six feet of separation recommended by the CDC, every other bench on the rifle deck will be closed. We ask that users of the .22 range and the pistol range maintain six feet of separation from other users at all times.  Persons living in the same household can shoot together, but this makes it more difficult to maintain six feet of separation from other shooters.  Same household groups will be limited to four.  If this does not provide six feet of separation from other users at any time, group size will be reduced to two.
  4. The Range Safety Officer will remain in his command post with few exceptions. The Range Safety Officer’s decisions to order more separation between users are final.
  5. Members are asked to bring their own hand sanitizer for use before and after touching pens, staplers and target frames.
  6. 6. Sanitize benches by wiping down with sanitizing solution before and after use or by replacing the cover.
  7. All range users must wear face masks at all times while on Jackson Hole Gun Club property unless more than ten feet from other users.

Stay Safe.

Stay Healthy.

Or Stay Home


The JHGC opened on May 2, 2020 to members only and on May 16 to the public.


Q. These rules are different than national, state and county orders. Why?
A. A majority of JHGC board members voted this way.
Q. Will the JHGC supply masks?
A. No, add one to your range bag.
Q. Will the JHGC supply sanitizer?
A. No, add some to your range bag.
Q. What about JHSE?
A. Because they have larger groups, we have moved their operations to the 22 bay to create separation from other members. They contacted County Health and are approved to operate.
Q. How long will this be in effect?
A. The government will decide: https://covid19.wyo.gov
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