Fun Activity in Jackson Hole Falling Plates Shooting Match

The fun times are back!  Beginning this coming Saturday the 14th of January 2017 at 10am, the Jackson Hole Gun Club’s winter series of Falling plates matches begins!  This is an excellent way to hone your skills and have fun with friends old and new.

Falling plates is considered the perfect “beginner-level” match to attend.  In each string, only 6 rounds are fired, and only 48 total rounds are fired all morning.  There are some expert shooters, but most competitors are simply there to have fun.  the group is very welcoming of new shooters, and if you show up planning “to just watch this time” you will be persuaded to join in!  The group is very friendly!

The above video is from the “old days” when these matches were held in the rifle bay.  These days, with the new Pistol Bay (Thanks JHSSF!!!) we have our own area and don’t interrupt rifle shooters.  If the JHGC gate is not open when you arrive, you may walk up to the pistol bay and ask a falling plates competitor to let you in.  (Please do NOT push on the electric gate)

A big thanks to Peter Burch and Shepard Humphries for these videos!

The match director is Mark Roundtree, who also serves as a JH Gun Club board member.  If you have any questions, he can be reached at roundtree at .  To see a lot more videos of our awesome shooting range, click HERE.  To see our Gun Club calendar, click HERE!


Fun Activity in Jackson Hole Falling Plates Shooting Match