Community Classes Fall 2023

Community Classes Fall 2023

Exciting News from the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation: Community Classes Ahead Fall 2023!

Here’s some fantastic news that’s sure to hit the bullseye of your interests: The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation is stepping up its game by sponsoring a lineup of new classes for our shooting community! And guess what? They’ve teamed up with the acclaimed Jackson Hole Shooting Experience firearms training firm to make it all happen.

With the collective efforts of The Shooting Experience, the Shooting Sports Foundation, and the Jackson Hole Gun Club, we’re bringing top-notch, affordable firearms training for locals right to your backyard.

Class 1: Pre-Hunt Rifle

Calling all beginner and intermediate hunters! Get ready to elevate your skills and boost your confidence with our Pre-Hunt Rifle class. This exciting session, set for September 16th, 2023, is tailor-made to help you become a more proficient hunter and embrace ethical practices in the field. Because when you’re better equipped with your firearms system, you’re primed for a more fulfilling and responsible hunt.

Class 2: Long Range Rifle

Looking to take your marksmanship to the next level? Our long range rifle class is just the ticket. Led by none other than the extreme long range shooting coaches Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries from Nomad Rifleman, this class is your gateway to sharpening your skills in a dynamic and engaging setting. Expect classroom insights paired with live fire exercises on the range from 25 yards to 600 yards.

Ready to sign up or need more info? Head over to the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience website and dive into all the juicy details.

About the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

Let’s give a hearty shout-out to the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation (JHSSF)! Their mission? To promote all things shooting sports, from education and safety to participation and ethical conduct. They’re the driving force behind this fantastic initiative, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their dedication.

And speaking of gratitude, a big tip of the hat goes to everyone who joins hands with JHSSF through Old Bill’s Fun Run. Your support makes these local shooting sports opportunities possible, and we can’t thank you enough! A link to donate is here.

So there you have it, folks. With the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation leading the charge and some exciting classes on the horizon, it’s time to aim high and hit the mark with your firearm skills. Let’s learn, grow, and have a blast together!