Check our Shooting Range Calendar

Our Shooting Range Calendar is important.


Don’t you just hate packing up all your shooting gear and grabbing a pal, and then when you arrive at the range law enforcement has claimed the whole range or a private group has reserved a particular bay?  We have a system in place to help you avoid this frustration!  Our Calendar!  🙂

Please check it before heading to the range, and remember that YOU may also reserve space.  It is expensive for individual, family and corporate members, but we DO make that option available.  Contact Rangemaster Dan for more information.

Visit our Calendar Page HERE.

Shooting Range Calendar

Shooting Range Calendar is important!

Time for Old Bill’s Fun Run – Please support shooting sports!

Old Bill’s Fun Run – Please support shooting sports!

It is again autumn, and time for Old Bill’s Fun Run.  The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation, a major contributor to JH Gun Club projects (to the tune of more than $100,000 over the last decade) has asked us to share with our membership a request for your financial support.  Check out the many things the JHSSF supports, and we are sure you will agree that their efforts are worthy of your financial support!

When you donate through Old Bill’s, the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation will receive a matching gift!

The JH Gun Club board encourages and thanks you in advance for donating through Old Bill’s by September 12, 2015!

Old Bill’s Fun Run – Please support shooting sports!

JHSSF Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

JHSSF Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

Jackson Hole Gun Club Renovation

Range Renovation

There are big changes to the Range. The Rifle Bay has been refurbished, berm raised higher, and we added approximately 30 yards to the width. The pistol bay has moved and now we have two, one for members and one for public shooting. The Shotgun Bay is moved forward approximately 150 yards towards the canyon. All this was made possible by a member’s fundraising efforts, which raised the money necessary in a short time. We would like to thank those who donated and made possible these great improvements. We also want to thank Mountain X Excavation for the awesome work they did excavating and completing the earth moving portion of the project. Mountain X worked very hard and conscientiously to make the down time at the Range minimal, but have a very thorough job done. We also like to thank Westy’s LLC for donating equipment and time to help out. Without Westy, the project would be far behind. Also it is necesary to thank Matt Litzleman and his masonary company for donation of equipment and time. These people and their companies have done awesome work at the Range so we may all enjoy the shooting sports. Below are some pictures of the project. Please come see our improved facilities.

Jackson Hole Gun Club Range

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