Shotgun Clays in the Winter

Shotgun Clays in the Winter – Friday Nights with Bill Holman

Friday Night Under the Lights – Shotgun Clays in the Winter

Come shoot Clays with us!

Skeet in Jackson Hole, Shotgun Clays in the Winter

Ask Bill about his trophy from the Wyoming Championships last year!  #makebillblush


Open to the public Friday nights from 5:30 pm ‘till 8 pm

Get rid of the winter blues, have a cup of coffee, and shoot some clay birds.


We are trying something new, come challenge yourself!


A HUGE thanks to Bill Holman for making this happen!

Friday nights $7.50 a round for 25 birds. Just bring your gun and shells


Clay birds are also available to members only during the daytime on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the 22 bay.

On these days you must have a card in order to operate the trap machine, which can be purchased from the range master on the weekend or on Friday nights.

Range rules for the rifle bay apply for hot and cold range on all days

Jackson Hole Gun Club

5570 US-89, Jackson, WY


Shotgun Clays in the Winter

Winter Shotgun in Jackson Hole


Youth Firearms Safety Training

Youth Firearms Safety Training – Long Range Shooting

Guns exist.  Like it or not, they exist.

Here in Wyoming, most households have numerous guns, many of which are unlocked or otherwise accessible to youth.  The J.H. Gun Club is not interested in making political statements.  We ARE interested in helping you prepare your child for a safe life.

Chainsaws, guns and bicycles are tools that many people use.  Every year a tiny percentage of users are injured.  We don’t know much about chainsaws or bicycles, however we would be honored to help you reduce your children’s risk of firearms injuries!  Register for a Youth Firearms Safety Training workshop on September 7, 2019 from 530pm to 7pm!

Registration Required Individually for Each Child

We invite you to register your child aged 8 to 13 for a fun Youth Firearms Safety Training workshop.

We wish to thank Shepard Humphries and the JHXG for again volunteering to partner with us.  “Boring teaching doesn’t stick” says Shepard, a local firearms coach and family safety security consultant.  “Generally, if a person thinks they are learning rather than simply thinking they are having the ‘best time ever’ the teacher has room to grow.”  Shepard’s innovative education style focuses on fun, and in the long run the result is that learning has taken place at a deeper level.

The board of our not-for-profit Jackson Hole Gun Club is passionate about firearms safety, and we are excited to help parents lower their child’s risk of accidental injury by firearm.  “We are excited for this opportunity” said Collin Vaughn, a JHGC board member and local Realtor, “If this workshop results in one kid thinking twice and acting more responsibly in the future, I will be thrilled.”  A crew of world class #shootinjh firearms trainers will provide a 90-minute Long Range Shooting Workshop for youth aged 8 to 13 on September 7th, 2019 from 530pm to 7pm.

  • The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience will provide the coaches, guns, ammunition, hearing and eye protection.
  • The Jackson Hole Gun Club will provide the venue for an evening of fun!
  • A parent or guardian must sign liability waivers and remain present for the entire event.

Registration Required for Each Child

  • Students will learn to safely handle rifles.
  • Students will learn basic rifle shooting techniques
  • Students will shoot .22LR caliber rifles and some will even achieve hits at 500 yards with a .223 rifle!

Youth Firearms Safety Training Registration Form:

Youth Firearms Safety Training

Pre-Hunt Rifle Training in Jackson Hole

The JH Gun Club has teamed with local extreme long range shooting instructors to provide two workshops in early September in Jackson Hole.  If you would like to learn more and improve your rifle skills for this hunting season, we invite you to register for our rifle training in Jackson Hole, date TBA  (This does NOT count as the state mandated Hunter’s Education course)

The problem:

We noticed that many hunters do not practice with their rifles year-round, and instead pull their rifle out of the closet a couple days before hunting season opens.  They bring their rifle to the range along with one or two boxes of ammunition.  Despite having hunted for 40 years, they shoot with poor form and are not aware of basic rifle shooting fundamentals.  They twist and turn dials on their scope in hopes that they can get them sighted in, only to fail.  They leave the range in a huff, buy more ammunition and return to the range to again have a frustrating experience.  We thought, “There must be a better way!”  🙂

A solution for Pre-Hunt Rifle Training in Jackson Hole

Here at the Jackson Hole Gun Club, our mission is to help firearms users safely and ethically enjoy shooting sports.  We do not want you to shoot an elk in the leg.  Rather, we want to help you develop your abilities to make an ethical shot.  We have teamed with Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries of Nomad Rifleman to offer a couple workshops.  Scott & Shepard offer similar rifle training in Jackson Hole for hunters on a private basis and have agreed to team with JHGC for a couple fun and informative group classes.

The JH Gun Club and the JH Shooting Experience are covering all costs, making these classes free for you!

2020 Dates TBA – Registration is REQUIRED and SPACE IS LIMITED.

Option #1 is full:  September 7th, 2019 with Scott Austin

  • This semi-private workshop is limited to 4 students, and is similar to THIS.
  • Scott will assist in making sure scopes are properly installed to proper torque specs, will make sure your bedding bolts are tight etc.
  • He will then lead students in sighting rifles in.
  • As time allows, Scott will lead students in honing their skills shooting from various positions and will have various monopods, bipods and tripods for students to test and evaluate.
rifle training in jackson hole

Coach Scott Austin

Class is full, registration is closed, sorry. 

(Shepard “is no Scott” but his class has openings still… see below:)

rifle training in Jackson Hole

Option #2:  September 8th, 2019 1:30pm to 3:30pm with Shepard Humphries

  • This workshop is limited to 8 students.
  • The first hour will consist of classroom training including exterior ballistics, sighting a rifle/scope in properly, field shooting positions and more.
  • The second hour will consist of students pairing with each other and sighting their rifles in.  Shepard will be available to answer questions and assist.
long range rifle training in Jackson Hole

Coach Shepard Humphries

1st Hour Workshop topics:

  • How do I adjust my scope up or down or to the left or right?
  • Why am I missing the 200 yard gong target?
  • Why is my scope so hard to see through?
  • How proficient should I be if I want to be an ethical hunter?
  • What are my gun’s and my personal limitations?
  • Why do I seem to shoot will sometimes and other times miss shots?
  • What exactly do the BDC lines in my scope reticle mean?
  • Do I need to aim differently if I am shooting at a steep mountain angle?
This presentation is free and an afternoon of free rifle bay range-use is also included for the first 8 people to register.
  • Doors open at 1:20pm. 
  • Doors close at 1:30pm sharp. 
  • Only registered students may attend! 
Ethical hunters seek new information and skill improvement.  You are welcome to attend only the classroom portion or the whole 2 hours.  If you plan to shoot, bring your scoped rifle and 40 cartridges of the same ammunition that you plan to hunt with.  Leave this in your car until you have signed in.  If you just want to listen and learn and do not plan to shoot, that is fine!  We will have loaner eye and ear protection available.

Registration request form HERE.




We welcome you to come visit us anytime between 1pm and 4pm for a tour of the range or feel welcome to bring your guns and shoot!  The normal day fee of $12 for adults and $2 for children is waived during our family day open house afternoon from 1pm to 4pm!


We have teamed with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience to provide fun 45-minute All-Inclusive shooting experiences throughout the afternoon.  Each experience includes use of eye and ear protection, ammunition, instruction and use of JHSE guns!  Sign up below, but make it fast as spots are filling up quickly.  Please make sure if you sign up you are 100% committed to attending as spots are coveted and we want as much participation as possible!

When you sign up below, you will also be entered in a drawing for a Ruger 10/22 rifle!  (participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Sign up for a free 45 minute JHXG shooting experience
on Family Day Open House and be entered in a drawing for
a FREE Ruger 10/22 rifle!

Things to do in jackson hole


Steel Challenge in Jackson Hole

Steel Challenge in Jackson Hole

Steel Challenge in Jackson Hole

Steel Challenge in Jackson HoleAs you might have noticed on our calendar, we now have a steel challenge on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month!  This is a fun match!!!

Guns and Gear

You may bring any IDPA, USPSA or Cowboy Action SASS gun.  You must have a safe and high quality holster.  Start position is with wrists above shoulders.

You may also use a .22 pistol or rifle with iron sights of optics of your choice.  With these guns your starting position is Low Ready

Steel Challenge Course of Fire

There are 8 different stages in this discipline and we will typically set up 3 stages for each evening.

Each stage is 5 shots and will be run 5 times, each time is called a “string.”  Because we are kindly folks, your lousiest string will be tossed away, and we will add the remaining 4 strings for your score.

When you come to the firing line, bring an empty gun and enough ammo / magazines for the 5 strings (25 shots).

Entry fee is only $5 per gun, and you are welcome to shoot different guns.  In other words, you can use a USPSA race gun, then a cowboy action revolver, then a 22 caliber carbine.  Doing this would make your entry fee $15 for the evening.

Safety.  We are very strict with safety and we use the IDPA/USPSA protocols.

  • When you get out of your car at the JHGC, you may not have a loaded gun.
  • Do not load your gun until a Match Director gives you the order.
  • Do not handle your gun until you are on the firing line and the range is hot and you are ordered by a Match Director.
  • If you have any safety questions, please ask the Match Director before making your move.
  • Always keep your guns pointed downrange with no humans forward of the muzzle.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Steel Challenge in Jackson Hole

We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation for a grant of over $7,000 to buy the steel targets for this match!  Also thanks to the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience for the loan of an ATV & Trailer that makes setup and take-down much easier!  Also a huge thanks to Mark Roundtree and Scott Grauer for their passion for this sport and their countless hours making this steel challenge series happen!


Jackson Hole Gun Club

Rangemaster Opportunity – Position Filled

Update, we found a super-duper new RangeMaster!  We invite you to stop in and welcome Jim during public hours on Sat & Sun!

New Rangemaster in Jackson Hole!

Dear Jackson Hole Gun Club Members,

As many of you know Dan Dugan has left the gun club to pursue other opportunities. We want to thank him for his years of service and wish him well in his future endeavors.

His departure leaves us shorthanded at the gun club until we can find a new, permanent Rangemaster.  Keifer Williams and Alan Brumsted have been doing a great job filling in as Rangemaster in July & August and we thank them for their service. Keifer’s last day was the 13th of August as he is moving out of town and Alan’s last day will be soon, since the start of school is right around the corner and he is a local school teacher. Mark Roundtree, as usual, has gone above and beyond in helping during this transition so please thank him when you see him!

The Jackson Hole Gun Club in conjunction with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience is providing a Range Safety Officer class on Saturday, the 26th of August 2017 from 8:30AM – 5:30PM. This class is normally $225.00 per person, but there will be no charge for anyone willing to help fill in as Rangemaster at the JHGC. Anyone filling in as Rangemaster will be compensated for their time. We will need help over the next few months and on special occasions in the future.

This class is capped at 12 students, so if you are interested, please follow the link for NRA RSO Training in Jackson Wyoming.

As stated above, we are looking for a permanent Rangemaster. If you or anyone you know are interested in the position please have them contact us for more details about this Rangemaster opportunity!

Best Regards,
The Jackson Hole Gun Club Board

Jackson Hole Activities

Rifle Target Shooting in Jackson Hole Summer 2017

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation (JHSSF) has teamed with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience to improve and maintain targets beyond 100 yards in the Rifle Bay this summer.  This is great news for sportsmen that get their kicks from Target Shooting in Jackson Hole!

  • The JHSSF will pay for targets, miscellaneous chains, tools, bolts, wind flags etc.
  • JHSE will donate the management, purchase, installation & maintenance of targets.

A color-code has been implemented, which will help in identifying and describing target distances.  A constant problem we have identified is that range users try to describe a particular target or distance to their companion, but have great difficulty.  This is a simple solution!

  • 200 yards = Red
  • 300 yards = Orange
  • 400 yards = Blue
  • 500 yards = White
  • 600 yards = Red

*The JHGC lease with the Forest Service extends to 600 yards, and that is as far as we maintain targets.

Cans of spray paint will be left within 15 yards of each target, and members are encouraged to pitch in and touch up the paint when you are up hanging paper targets!  If we all jump in and help out, our targets will look better and be more fun for everyone!

What to do in Jackson hole targets

The JHGC Board extends its gratitude to the JH Shooting Sports Foundation and to the JH Shooting Experience!  “A huge thanks is also due Andy Ward for all the targets he built for the 22 bay, what an incredible gift to the users of our club” commented Jake Hanson, Jackson Hole Gun Club Board President.  “Andy not only donated dozens of hours and his equipment for welding targets, he also donated way more time working beside Mark Roundtree over the last years getting our shotgun bay up an going.”

Shepard Humphries of the JH Shooting Experiences & Nomad Rifleman encourages shooting range members to immediately notify him if a target is in need of repair.  info Attn: Shepard

Target Shooting in Jackson Hole

Jackson, WY Rifle Range


Summer in Jackson Hole!

Summer in Jackson Hole has arrived! our awesome range is ready for you anytime, and we hope you will come and have fun practicing your skills!

Jackson Hole Gun Club USPSA

Mark Roundtree

Our first USPSA match was last Saturday the 15th of April, and a fun time was had by all, even if those times were not as tiny as some had hoped. The USPSA matches are a great example of the fun activity that shooting can be. We encourage you to check out these matches! Weather allowing, they are held every 3rd Saturday in the spring, summer & fall. Our board member Mark Roundtree organizes and officiates these events, and is welcoming of new safe interested folks!

Summer in Jackson Hole!

Cowboy Action Leader

Our Cowboy Action SASS matches are great fun and include revolvers, rifles and shotguns. Contestants and observers are encouraged to wear late-1800’s era clothing, and a fun time is had by all! Our board member Tom Jordan is heavily involved, and is happy to tell you more about these matches.

Our IDPA matches are the first and third Wednesday of each month, and are a great way to keep your personal protection skills sharp.  Our board member Mark Roundtree organizes and officiates these events, and is welcoming of new safe interested folks!   Spectators are welcome to attend for free, just bring a pair of glasses and some ear protection or use some of the eye & ear pro that is available for free thanks to the JHSSF.

Jackson Hole Shooting Range

Whatever discipline you prefer – or ALL of them; come on out and have fun this Summer in Jackson Hole with us at the shooting range, a beautiful range with a long history since the 1890s!

Fun Activity in Jackson Hole Falling Plates Shooting Match

The fun times are back!  Beginning this coming Saturday the 14th of January 2017 at 10am, the Jackson Hole Gun Club’s winter series of Falling plates matches begins!  This is an excellent way to hone your skills and have fun with friends old and new.

Falling plates is considered the perfect “beginner-level” match to attend.  In each string, only 6 rounds are fired, and only 48 total rounds are fired all morning.  There are some expert shooters, but most competitors are simply there to have fun.  the group is very welcoming of new shooters, and if you show up planning “to just watch this time” you will be persuaded to join in!  The group is very friendly!

The above video is from the “old days” when these matches were held in the rifle bay.  These days, with the new Pistol Bay (Thanks JHSSF!!!) we have our own area and don’t interrupt rifle shooters.  If the JHGC gate is not open when you arrive, you may walk up to the pistol bay and ask a falling plates competitor to let you in.  (Please do NOT push on the electric gate)

A big thanks to Peter Burch and Shepard Humphries for these videos!

The match director is Mark Roundtree, who also serves as a JH Gun Club board member.  If you have any questions, he can be reached at roundtree at .  To see a lot more videos of our awesome shooting range, click HERE.  To see our Gun Club calendar, click HERE!


Fun Activity in Jackson Hole Falling Plates Shooting Match


Jackson Hole Gun Club Est. 1896

Jackson Hole Gun Club Est. 1896

Back in 1896, there were rumors of an “Indian Uprising” so local white folks came out to this canyon and began shooting.  For many years, it was not “official” but was used by local individuals and government agencies since then.

Range user Shepard Humphries recalls visiting the range in 1989 and the small shack that had been used by law enforcement for gas training.  “When you walked in and kicked things up, you could smell the gases” Humphries said.  “Back then you would bring your own refrigerator or TV to shoot at, and then leave it when you were done.”

Things changed in about 1992 when a group of 28 shooting enthusiasts decided to make things more official by forming a charter with the Wyoming Game & Fish division of State government.  Since then, land leases have been made with the US Forest Service division of Federal government and the Teton County government.

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation and the Friends of the NRA Foundation have been instrumental in funding improvements to the range.  Private donations and the emergence of the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience have increased revenues and membership further.


Today we boast a shotgun area with 5 Stand & Trap bays, an archery bay, a special use / tactical bay, a covered pistol bay with 12 benches, a covered rifle bay with 12 benches and a covered .22-only bay.  We have a warming room with a gas heater for winter months and a Shooter’s Education Building classroom where NRA, Tactical, verbal deescalation, Hunter’s Education and many other classes are offered.