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Pipeline Construction Project June 2020

Teton County commissioners have commissioned a water pipeline project, and have gained permission from the USFS to perform the project in areas beside and on our shooting range. This in turn requires us to close down portions of the JH Gun Club for portions of June 2020. Please be certain to check the JHGC calendar […]

IDPA, SCSA and USPSA Matches Resume May 2020!

IDPA, SCSA and USPSA Matches Resume May 2020! Greetings, we will resume IDPA, SCSA and USPSA matches starting May 20, 2020 with IDPA! We will operate under the JHGC Covid protocols. MASKS WILL BE MANDATORY! Let’s get shooting! See our calendar for dates, and remember to check frequently, things sometimes change!  

JHGC ReOpening May, 2020

The JHGC Reopened to the public on May 16, 2020. Mask restrictions are in place, non-household members must not be within a social distance of 10 feet unless masked and 6 feet if masked. The JHGC Reopened to members only on May 2, 2020. On 4-30-20, the JHGC board of directors took a vote, and […]

Herb Hazen Memorial Accuracy Challenge

Herb Hazen Memorial Accuracy Challenge You Can’t Miss Fast Enough To Win! A special pistol competition will be held at Jackson Hole Gun Club on (DATE TBA – we are sorry, but the response to the Covid-19 panic makes it worth delaying this match for a time). The pistol completion will be a modified IDPA-style […]

Youth Firearms Safety Training – Long Range Shooting

Guns exist.  Like it or not, they exist. Here in Wyoming, most households have numerous guns, many of which are unlocked or otherwise accessible to youth.  The J.H. Gun Club is not interested in making political statements.  We ARE interested in helping you prepare your child for a safe life. Chainsaws, guns and bicycles are […]

Pre-Hunt Rifle Training in Jackson Hole

The JH Gun Club has teamed with local extreme long range shooting instructors to provide two workshops in early September in Jackson Hole.  If you would like to learn more and improve your rifle skills for this hunting season, we invite you to register for our rifle training in Jackson Hole, date TBA  (This does […]


We welcome you to come visit us anytime between 1pm and 4pm for a tour of the range or feel welcome to bring your guns and shoot!  The normal day fee of $12 for adults and $2 for children is waived during our family day open house afternoon from 1pm to 4pm! *BRING THE FAMILY! […]