2024 Cowboy Action Shooting in Jackson Hole

Berkeley is bringing back Cowboy Action Shooting in Jackson Hole.  In addition to private sessions, he is organizing public events!
A big thanks to Berkeley for joyfully taking over for the original Jackson Hole cowboy gangsters like John, Gary & Tom! This fun and distinctly western shooting competition uses firearms similar to those used in the Old West: single-action revolvers, pistol caliber lever action rifles, and old time shotguns.
Cowboy Action Shooting is a speed shooting competition, with each stage styled as a Old West shoot-em-up scene (think of your favorite western movie!).  The shooters wear clothing straight out of the 1880s and use a cowboy alias instead of their real names.  Think Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, Mad Dog McCoy, etc.
If you want to come out and shoot with us or just have questions about Cowboy Action Shooting, feel free to email Berkeley at [email protected]
Cowboy Action Shooting in Jackson Hole



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